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Bowling Clubs

The history of bowls has been traced back to the ancient Egyptians, and has been played in England since the 12th Century. When Captain Cook landed on the Sandwich Islands in 1788, he noticed the natives playing a game very similar to what’s known as lawn bowls today.

So it was only a matter of time…

For a game steeped in history, it was just about flatlining in Australia during the 1990s. But out of nowhere, lawn bowls became incredibly cool. Bowlers have always known this, which is why their clubhouses are set up to offer such a good time: bars, lounges, commercial kitchens, BBQs, verandahs … everything you need for the quintessential Australian summer experience.

Melbourne’s lawn bowls clubs are known as some of the most beautiful in the country; featuring historic club houses and carefully tended greens and set among established gardens, they are oases of calm in our teeming metropolis. Can you think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon − or for that matter any afternoon?

You’ll find lawn bowls clubs dotted all over Melbourne; the bayside clubs offer gorgeous views and the inner-city clubs are easy to find. Offering full catering and bar facilities, Melbourne bowling clubs are the ideal venue in which to celebrate a birthday, reward your work team or toast the Festive season – without blowing the budget.

ACC is proud to offer a selection of some of Melbourne’s finest bowling clubs, and to help create an event with a difference and within a budget.

Please call our function manager to discuss some of the amazing possibilities.

Services include:

  • Social or competition bowls
  • Coaching and tuition
  • Food and Beverage Catering
  • Theme Consultation
  • AV and Technical Support
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Equipment Hire
  • Commercial kitchen

Featured Bowling Club: Black Rock Bowling & Tennis Club

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