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Corporate Catering in Melbourne

ACC has the experience, expertise and culinary imagination to offer an all inclusive corporate catering and event management service for any sized event in Melbourne. We can take care of every detail for your corporate event or simply arrange delivery of fresh, handcrafted delicacies.

All menu items are handcrafted from locally sourced, premium produce.

ACC Catering can work at a location of your choice or at one of our many stunning corporate venues throughout Melbourne.

Our personal service allows you to plan your catering and event to perfection, instilling confidence that your event will be delivered on time meeting your expectations.


"It’s all about confidence and peace of mind”

Corporate Catering Menus

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Conference Menu

Morning Tea

White chocolate and raspberry mini muffins

Nutella and custard mini brioche buns

Date mini scones with Chantilly cream and homemade jam

Anzac mini cookies

Gluten free brownie

Gluten free orange cake

Seasonal fruit platter

Coffee and Tea

Sensory Lab Coffee, Twinings Tea and Madame Flavour Herbal Infusions

Select any two items $10.50

Lunch Packages

Cold Options

Option one

Assorted rice paper rolls and sushi

House baked spelt bruschetta with wild mushrooms, feta and basil

Super food salad cups with sweet potato, broccoli, pomegranate and nuts

Option two

Variety of house baked mini breads with assorted fillings

Sweet potato, goat cheese and lemon thyme frittata

Penne pasta salad cups with prawns, capsicum, corn and celery

Option three

Point sandwiches with assorted fillings

Tortilla mini wraps with assorted fillings

Sweet potato salsa with Roma tomato, red onion, corn, coriander and chili

$20.00 per person

Hot Options

Option One

Requires staff onsite to serve at extra cost

Beef lasagna with béchamel sauce

Moroccan chicken Tajine with chic peas, carrots, apricots and almonds

Spiced cous cous

Baby leaf salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, carrot and lemon dressing

House baked ciabatta bread rolls with butter

$30.00 per person

Option Two

Requires staff onsite to serve at extra cost

Red wine beef and mushroom casserole

Grilled chicken skewers

Spiced rice pilaf

Asian slaw salad with carrot, capsicum, spring onion, coriander and lemon dressing

House baked ciabatta bread rolls with butter

$30.00 per person


Sensory Lab Coffee Twinings Tea and Madame Flavour Herbal Infusions served in premium disposable cups
A selection of single serve soft drinks, mineral water and still water

$12.50 per person

Afternoon Tea

Select one of the following

Chef selection of handmade miniature cakes, tarts and slices

Gourmet cheese platter with fresh berries, crackers, dried fruit and fig paste

Fruit sushi and fruit spring rolls with citrus and honey dip

Coffee and Tea

Sensory Lab Coffee, Twinings Tea and Madame Flavour Herbal Infusions

$14.50 per person

Packaged Gourmet Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes – Minimum order of 25 units

Option One

House baked ciabatta with premium chicken mix and baby leaf

House baked focaccia with roasted vegetables and hummus V

Sweet potato salsa salad cup with Roma tomato, corn and chili

White chocolate and raspberry muffin

Option Two

House baked brioche with rare roast beef, horseradish crème and rocket

Tortilla wrap with coconut chicken, cucumber and baby leaf

Penne pasta salad cup with marinated vegetables and pesto

Homemade Anzac cookies

Option Three

Rice paper rolls with grilled chicken, pickled vegetables and mint GF

Sushi rolls with tuna and avocado GF

Super food salad cup with sweet potato, broccoli, pomegranate

Chia and coconut energy balls with dried fruit and nuts

$20.00 per person

Delivery charges apply for orders under $500 and outside local area.

Sandwiches, Wraps and Rolls

Select your bread

Traditional white, whole meal or multigrain square loaf

Gluten free square loaf

New york mini bagels

Ciabatta mini rolls

Focaccia mini rolls

Brioche mini rolls

Gluten free rolls

Tortilla wraps

Gluten free wraps

Select your fillings

Roast chicken mix with preserved lemon, dill and mayonnaise

Egg salad with baby leaf, mayonnaise and chives

Smoked ham, Roma tomato, Cheddar cheese and Dijon mayonnaise

Smoked Salmon, cucumber, capers and crème cheese

Rare roast beef, horseradish crème, cheddar cheese, balsamic onions and rocket

Turkey, cranberry, avocado and mixed leaf

Roasted vegetables with humus and spinach

Fresh Salad with avocado and Cheddar cheese

Tuna with capsicum, red onion, corn and mayonnaise


Individual cups or large platters

Quinoa and pomegranate Tabouli with Roma tomato, red onion and mint

Sweet potato salsa with tomato, corn, red onion chilly and coriander

Creamy potato with bacon, spring onion, egg, mayonnaise and sour cream

Penne pasta with marinated vegetables, semi dried tomato and pesto

Super food salad with sweet potato, broccoli, pomegranate and nuts

Additional items available

Fresh fruit platters $90.00

Gourmet cheese platters $140.00

Antipasto platters $140.00

Turkish bread and dip platters $65.00

Menus may be varied in any way to suit your requirements

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